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Deviled Crab Patties (2)


Made fresh daily with blue crab claw. Topped with our house made garlic aioli and scallions.

Served with battered fries, coleslaw, and hushpuppies.

(Select 1) Preparation:Blackened Broiled Grilled Fried
(optional) Modifications:No Fries No Slaw No Hushpuppies Garlic Aioli on Side No Garlic Aioli Add Cocktail Add Tartar
(Optional) "No Fries" Substitution:Garlic Bread +$0.50Baked Idaho Potato +$0.50Baked Sweet Potato +$0.50Cheddar Cheese Grits +$0.50sub extra slaw sub extra hushpuppies (2)
(Optional) "No Slaw" Substitution:Steamed Broccoli +$0.50Steamed Corn on the Cob +$0.50Baked Idaho Potato +$0.50Baked Sweet Potato +$0.50Cheddar Cheese Grits +$0.50

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